Barbara Ariss-Stroh-Wasser

Barbara Ariss-Stroh-Wasser was born in Eastern Europe, educated in Western Europe, travelled the world extensively with her husband, before deciding to settle in Canada, where they raised two successful sons, and where she worked as an educator in the Ontario school system, as a designer or residences and landscapes for her husband’s business, as a fashion designer, a writer and as a visual artist. 

As a conceptional visual artist she transfers ideas into visual images in bold black/white designs and in vibrant colors on framed canvas and large installations of unframed canvas. She discusses universal themes, and her ideas are drawn of various fields of sciences, mathematics and technology throughout the history of mankind. She is respecting the past, but her emphasis is on the presence and future, where the power of hope, the promise of technology and sciences, combined with cooperation between peoples, can lead to positive solutions for the future.

Her creations are appreciated in private residences , but often hang in commercial spaces, medical and other professional offices, institutions of higher education and public spaces in Canada, Europe,Australia and Asia,where she is represented through galleries or solo exhibits.      Local permanent installations are displayed at The Laurier University Milton Education Village, Chudleigh’s Box Office at First Ontario Milton Art Centre, and at The Town Hall of Halton Hills.

Barbara Ariss-Stroh-Wasser creates meaningful unique art for your space. To purchase any of the paintings shown below, please contact:
Barbara Ariss at